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The Best Scented Candles and Craft For Sale. Shop Low Priced Scented Candles. Long-Lasting Scents, Heavenly Fragrances, and Luxurious Smells.

Scented Flames and Crafts care about the ingredients in our products just as much as you do about the products in your house. To ensure a long-lasting, great-smelling burn, all of our candles are hand-poured in the United States utilizing a natural soy wax blend, 100 percent organic cotton wicks, and unique fragrance oils.

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Worldwide Shipping

We ship World Wide. Free delivery on some items.

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Best Quality

Get the best quality and organic candles and authentic Crafts.

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Best Offers

Our brands boast the most competitive and best prices.

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Secure Payments

All payments are done securely and encrypted for your security.

How to Start A Candle Making Business

How to Start a Candle Making Company

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Spread the loveCandles bring beauty and delightful scents into homes; they’re perfect for improving an area and make excellent gifts. If you enjoy candles and are crafty, you may have attempted to make them before. But have you considered turning

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